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BAHU Hygienisation

After separating the fresh slurry you get a phosporus rich solid fraction. To recuperate the phosphorus, it could be interesting to export this solid fraction from regions with phosphorus surplus (e.g. Flanders, the Netherlands) towards regions with shortage of phosphorus (e.g. France, Germany). However, this requires a hygienisation step.

The BAHU (Bio Armor Hygienisation Unit) kills off all germs and seeds by heating up the solid fraction to 70 °C for at least 1 hour. This gives a very valuable and desired end product.   

The BAHU system is known by its low operating costs: no external heat needed (low costs for electricity), very few labour required, noise and odour are negligible. Next to the solid fraction of pig and ruminant slurry, also solid manure of ruminants and poultry could be treated.       



Handling of animals and manure (products) are unavoidably linked to some odour and dust emissions which could be harmful for neighbours. A good way to cope with this problem and minimalise these emissions, is the use of a biofilter.  
A biofilter or biobed filters the outgoing air from the barn and manure storage in a biological way before entering the environment. The carefully selected root wood offers the correct bacteria to efficiently reduce the emissions.

The big advantage of a biofilter is its very low installation and operating costs and its ease to monitor, although quite some space is required.


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