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Biological manure treatment

Biological manure treatment is the most common kind of manure treatment on a large scale. Fresh manure is first separated,  whereafter the ammonia nitrogen in the liquid fraction is converted by bacteria in the biological reactor into harmless nitrogen gas. If appropriate, the solid fraction and effluent could be treated too.   

Also for the latter Bio Armor Belgium has a lot of expertise, e.g. hygienisation or biofilters. To read more, look  here.

Biological manure treatment

Advantages of biological manure treatment by the Bio Armor Belgium system

Due to its unique working principles our system guarantees the most efficient and excellent result:

Very compact and affordable system

Only requires 1 reactor tank

Easy and autonomous working principle 

Monitoring requires very little knowledge and time 

Good service and follow-up

Personal advice of our technical experts 

Low maintenance costs

Due to use of dipping blowers 

Low use of electricity

Unique way of blowing with high efficiency

Guaranteed result

Lots of expertise due to many years of experience